Our first electronic computers were made in 1958 我国首批电子计算机是1958年制成的

They will mix freely with other organic compounds and are often soluble in organic solvents. 它们能与其它有机化合物自由地混合并能溶于多种有机溶剂中。(泛指,最好译出)

Salts may also be found by the replacement of hydrogen from an acid with a metal.


An acid was once defined as a substance that would form hydrogen ions in water solution and a base as one that would form hydroxide ions in the same.人们曾把酸定义为在水溶液中能产生氢离子的物质,而碱则是在同样溶液中会产生氢氧根离子的物质

The two pairs of electrons of oxygen may be shared with two separate carbons forming only single bond. 氧的两对电子可以与两个单独的(不直接相连的) 碳共用而形成单键

High temperature causes dramatic changes in the properties of rubber


The presence of an acid stronger than nitric acid accelerates the reaction.


The extraction behavior of nickel with PAN was reported in detail.

PAN 与镍萃取行为被详细报道过

Organic compounds were once thought to be produced only by living organism.


The carbon has lost electrons and the oxygen has gained electrons in the change


The principle of absorption is very complex.


Total determination of molecular structure is possible by means of X-ray diffraction.


用x 射线衍射的方法可以全面地确定/测定分子结构。

An acid and a base react in a proton transfer reaction. Proton:质子


Many chemical reactions need heat to make them take place


The methyl group on the benzene ring greatly facilitates the nitration of toluene.

methyl 甲基; benzene苯; toluene甲苯 苯环上的甲基使甲苯的硝化非常容易

Generally speaking, methane series are rather inert. methane甲烷


Zirconium is almost as strong as steel,but lighter锆几乎与钢一样强,但它比钢轻。

Salts may be formed by the replacement of hydrogen from an acid with a metal


Before I enter on the subject I have something to say


The train had left before he got to the station.火车开了他才到车站

We had scarcely left our school before it began to rain. 我们刚离开学校天就下起雨来

Study hard before it is too late.趁早努力学习

One must sow before one can reap. 先有播种后有收获

a good knife 一把好刀 a good conductor 良导体 a good soil 肥沃的土壤

good oil 提纯了的油 a good money 真的货币 a good river 畅通的河道

good English 规范的英语It is no good heating the material to such a temperature.


a good chess player 高明的棋手

A good human translator一个熟练的翻译人员

The workers gave the machine a good checking. 工人们对机器进行了彻底的检查

have a good drink 喝个痛快

Rivers provide good sources of hydropower.


making good use of the sun 充分利用太阳能来为…a car with good brakes 刹车可靠的汽车 a good investment 安全的投资 good debts 确可偿还的债务

It is because the bounding properties of one pair of electrons in the double bond are not fully

saturated. saturated 饱和 这是由于双键上的一对电子不具有充分饱和的键合性质

Methane is less than half as heavy as water. 甲烷的重量不到水的一半。

Organic compounds are not soluble in water because there is no tendency to separate their

molecules into ions. (主语--宾语)


When a copper plate is put into the sulfuric acid electrolyte,very few of its atoms

dissolve . electrolyte 电解液


Thus ,an acid and a base react in a proton transfer reaction.


The melting point of alkanes are rather irregular at first,but tend to rise somewhat steadily as the molecules become larger. alkanes 烷烃 (谓-宾)


The past few decades have been characterized by a prodigious expansion of the organic-chemical industry. (谓语—主语) prodigious 惊人的


Light makes vision possible. 光使得视觉成为可能。

Structure analysis is common to most organic research. (表语—谓语)


There are two groups of metals:pure metals and their alloys. (定语--主语)


TNT is simple and relatively safe to manufacture. (状语-谓语)

TNT 可以简单而又相对比较安全地制造。

The attractive force between the molecules is negligibly small. negligibly 可忽略地


A six-carbon ring structure in the form of a hexagon with alternate single and double bond was assigned to benzene. hexagon 六角形; alternate交替的


The alternate double bond arrangement in the six-carbon ring is aromatics characteristic. aromatics 芳香烃 芳香烃的特性是六个碳原子组成的环上双键交替排列。

We can transform water into two gases by passing an electric current through it.


X-ray will show the doctor clearly how the lung suffers.

x 射线会清楚地给医生显示肺部损害程度

The figure shows the readers the relative action of the sun and the earth.


The branch of science,artificial intelligence,is developing rapidly.


We call such a zinc atom an ion with a double positive charge, Zn2+ .


The voltage of CPU should not exceed the maximum permissible.

CPU 的电压不应超过允许的最大值

Being alloyed with certain metals, aluminum can be strengthened.


Many industrial operation can be carried out in either of two ways which may be called DLS and DES operations.

许多工业操作可用DLS 操作或DES 操作来完成。 (Digital Logic Simulator 数据逻辑模拟器;Digital Expansion System 数字扩充系统)

He had flown yesterday from Beijing where he spent his vocation after finishing the meeting he had taken part in Tianjin.


He had to stay in bed because he was ill.


I still hope you will come back if arrangements could be made.


Better take your umbrella in case it rains.最好带上伞以防下雨。



Another development, by itself not strictly scientific in nature, is the growing awareness that the energy resources at present available to human technology are limited, and that photosynthesis is the only large-scale process on earth by which a virtually inexhaustible source of energy, i.e., the radiation energy of the sun, is collected and converted into a form of energy that is not only used by plants, but by all forms of life, including man.另一发展——就其本性而言,本身不是严格科学的——是人们正日益认识到下面这个事实,即:人类技术领域目前可以利用的能源是有限的,在地球上只有光合作用是能将那个实际上是取之不尽用之不竭的能源——太阳的辐射能——聚集起来,转换为不仅植物,而且包括人在内的所有生命都可以利用的能量形式的大规模过程。

The activation energy of carbon gasification and surface reaction calculated with Arrhenius equation ranged between 227.70~294.14 kJ/mol.

根据Arrhenius 方程计算出的碳气化反应和界面反应活化能分别为227.7和294.14kJ /mol ; The ratios of frequency factors A ii /A ij ,the differences of activation energies (E ii -E ij ) were calculated through Arrhenius equation. The effect of solvent and hydrogen-bonding on the reactivity of monomer has been discussed.

根据Arrhenius 方程计算获得了该体系均聚、共聚反应频率因子之比Aii/Aij和活化能之差Eii-Eij, 并讨论了溶剂、氢键对共聚合单体活性的影响;

The T-g(=-37℃) and △H(=48.8kJ/mol)of copolymers were obtained from the fitted results using two Cole-Cole functions and calculation with WLF equation and Arrhenius formula respectively. 由两个Cole -Cole 函数对频率谱进行分峰拟合并根据WLF 方程和Arrhenius 表达式计算得到的共聚物玻璃化转变温度为-37℃,局域松弛活化能为48.8kJ /mol ;

The kinetic parameters Ea, n, Z in the curing reaction of the resin system obtained by means of DSC —7 software according to the curing reaction kinetic equation set up by the DSC

Measurement Principle and Arrhenius Formula.

根据DSC 测试原理和Arrhenius 公式建立的固化反应动力学方程, 借助DSC —7动力学软件, 求出该树脂体系的固化反应动力学参数—Ea 、n 、z ;

1. And the apparent activation energy was calculated by the Arrhenius equation.

2. The activation energy of vulcanization of CPE/NBR blend was obtained using Arrhenius formula.

3. The activation energy and the frequency factor of the reaction were calculated by Arrhenius formula.

1. 并利用 Arrhenius 方程测定了表观活化能。

2. 根据阿累尼乌斯公式,求出CPE /NBR 并用胶硫化反应活化能。

3. 并通过阿仑尼乌斯方程求得不同反应条件下的聚合活化能和表观反应速率常数。

4. Results of IR and SEM have proved that material obtained was the copolymers, based on the formula of Arrhenius activation energy of initiation was calculated.

5. And the energies of interdiffusion and grain boundary diffusion have been figured out by the Arrhenius equation.

6. The apparent activation energies and reaction rate constants of clinker formation reaction were also got in this study by Gentling and Arrhenius equation.

4, 此外,利红外、电镜确证了研究所得材料为丙烯腈在丝素上的接枝共聚物。

5. 从Arrhenius 方程得出互扩散及晶界扩散激活能。

6. 用金斯特林格和阿仑尼乌斯方程得出了熟料形成反应的表观活化能和反应速率常数。 In addition to aliphatic compounds, there are a number of hydrocarbons derived from benzene and seemed to have distinctively different chemical properties. 除了脂肪族化合物以外,还有许多从苯衍生而来,看来具有明显不同化学性质的烃。

Besides, isomerization processes may also take place which in turn leads to other fairly

complicated reactions. 此外,还会发生异构化过程,从而相继导致其它相对复杂的反应发生。 the iron and steel industry 钢铁工业 (不能译作:铁和钢工业)

the fluid of electricity 电流 (不能译作:电的流动)

Combine 化合 (化学术语) (一般不能译作:结合)

例句:Heat –treatment is used to normalize, to soften or to harden steels. 热处理可以用来对钢正火、退火或淬火。

The tremendous range of emulsifiers available today permits selection of combinations which make possible emulsification at room temperature.目前出售的大量不同乳化器使我们能够选择乳化器组,从而在室温下进行乳化。

The homologs of benzene are those containing an alkyl group or alkyl groups in place of one or more hydrogen atoms.



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