1. By the way, who will teach ___pop music next term?

A. us B. Our C. ours D. we

2. Both Pingping and Beibei have done ___homework.

A. his B. Her C. their D. both’s

3. Everybody is here, ___?

A. isn’t everybody B. isn’t it C. isn’t he D. aren’t they

4. It was ___ who wrote those words on the blackboard.

A. he B. Him C. himself D. his

5. He wants nothing but a house of ____.

A. his own B. Himself c. his father D. his own house

6. Can you express ___ in English?

A. yourself B. You C. yours D.yours’

7. One of them hasn’t got ___ lessons prepared.

A. her B. Its C. one’s D. his

8. You don’t look quite ___ today. What’s the matter with you?

A. you B. Your C. your own D. yourself

9. Though ___ is a long way from here, we’ll do our best to reach there in time.

A. there B. it C. its D. itself

10. We don’t consider ___ necessary for them to move into that house.

A. that B. This C. it D. them

11. ___ is a great and glorious country.

A. Our B. Ours C. Its D. Our’s

12. He parents are going on a study trip with a friend of ___.

A. them B. Their C. themselves D. theirs

13. I’m sorry to say ___ of your answers are correct.

A. none B. Neither C. both D. any

14. --- Who is that knocking at the door?

----_____ must be the milkman.

A. He B. She C. It D. The man

15. ___ agree to your plan.

A. Anyone of us B. No one of us

C. None of us D. Someone of us

16. The books here are not so well written as ___ on the shelf.

A. that B. Those C. ones D. them

17. My father is a farmer, but ___ is yours?

A. who B. How C. which D. what

18. ___ do you think of my composition?

A. How B. What C. Which D. Why

19. ___ of you would like to get me the bike?

A. Which B. What C. Whom D. Whomever

20. Please write on the paper ___ line.

A. each other B. every other C. all other D. this and that

21. Would you lend me ___ of your money, please?

A. any B. many C. some D. a lot of

22. Sorry, but I have only ___ ink left over.

A. little B. few C. a little D. a few

23. ___ who come from the countryside, please fill out the form.

A. All B. Anyone C. These D. Those

24. She went for a swim in the pool yesterday and I’ll do ___ this afternoon.

A. it B. such C. same D. the same

25. There’re tall buildings on ___ side of the street.

A. either B. both C. every D. any

26. ___ must do ___ best to serve the people.

A. One…his B. One…her C. One…one D. Ones…ones’

27. He has quite a lot of interesting magazines but I have ___.

A. no B. none C. no one D. neither

28. ___ are fond of collecting stamps.

A. Both the children B. Both of children

C. My both children D. Both of the my children

29. Of the 4 books, one is written by a young writer and ___ by an old one.

A. other three B. three other C. the other three D. the three other

30. He invited the three of ___, Bob, Tom and ___.

A. we…me B. us…I C. we…I D. us…me

31. ___seems as if we are going to have trouble.

A. We B. It C. That D. There

32. Is ___ any use talking to him about it?

A. this B. that C. he D. it

33. Since you don’t have a dictionary here, why not use ___?

A. my B. mine C. her D. their

34. This book is not mine. It belongs to ___.

A. he B. his C. him D. himself

35. Be at home and help ___ to the fish.

A. me B. him C. yourself D. you

36. Try to work out the problem ___.

A. all by yourself B. by you C. all by yours D. by your

37. The children seem to be enjoying ___ very much.

A. them B. their C. theirs D. themselves

38. He always thinks more about others than about ___.

A. he B. him C. his D. himself

39. The police hid ___ behind the building.

A. him B. himself C. them D. themselves

40. When I was about to go out, the door opened ___.

A. of itself B. by itself C. oneself D. for itself

41. After that, Madame Curie did one experiment after ___.

A. one B. other C. another D. the other

42. You can find a tower at ___ end of the bridge.

A. both B. every C. either D. any

43. Have you got any books on the computer? I’d like to borrow.

A. them B. some C. it D. those

44. The most interesting books are not necessarily ___ with a lot of pictures.

A. these B. the ones C. them D. that

45. The population of China is larger than ___ of any country.

A. one B. the one C. that D. it

46. People used to think that heavy objects always fell faster than light ___.

A. ones B. the ones C. these D. those

47. Is this story as funny as ___ you read yesterday?

A. that one B. one C. the one D. it

48. It’s ___, not you, who wants more.

A. me B. him C. he D. I

49. ___ of them will accept your idea because it is not reasonable.

A. Nobody B. No one C. Everyone D. None

50. ___ is good at French.

A. My either children B. Either of my children

C. Either my children D. My either of children

51. I hope there are enough glasses for each guest to have ___.

A. it B. those C. them D. one

52. -----When shall we meet again?

-----Make it ___ day you like, it’s all the same to me.

A. one B. any C. another D. some

53. Tom’s mother kept telling him he should work harder, but ___ didn’t help.

A. he B. she C. it D. which

54. ----- Is ___ here?

----- No, Bob and Tim asked for leave.

A. everybody B. somebody C. anybody D. nobody

55. Sarah has read lots of stories by American writers. Now she would like

to read ___ stories by writers from ___ countries.

A. some; any B. some; other C. other; some D. other; other

56. In one single year, rats eat 40 to 50 times ___ weight.

A. its B. their C. ones D. of

57. The family never agree about ___ shares of the property.

A. her B. its C. their D. his

58. I was disappointed with the film. I had expected ___ to be much better.

A. one B. this C. that D. it

59. There’re so many kinds of computers on sale that I can’t make up my mind ___ to buy.

A. what B. where C. how D. which

60. Saying something is one thing while doing it is ___.

A. other B. the other C. others D. another

61. It is generally considered unwise to give a child ____ he or she wants.

A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. whenever

62.---Is there any picture on the wall? ---_____.

A. Nothing B. No one C. No ones D. None

63. You have to hurry up if you want to buy something because there’s hardly ___ left

A. something B. nothing C. anything D. everything

64. They were all very tired, but ___ of them would stop to take a rest.

A. any B. some C. none D. neither

65. Tom felt that he knew everybody’s business better than they knew it _____.

A. themselves B. oneself C. itself D. himself

66. Think _____ and you’ll have some idea.

A. over B. over it C. it over D. it

67. I had a bad cold and _____ is why I didn’t attend the meeting.

A. it B. this C. there D. that

68. This is not such a good story _____ I had expected.

A. what B. which C. as D. that

69. _____ the homework seriously.

A. No every student do B. No every student does

C. Not every student do D. Not every student does

70. _____ child will find his personal road to success.

A. Every B. Each C. Some D. The

71. We can’t find our bikes _____. Have you seen them?

A. anywhere B. somewhere C. nowhere D. where

72. Jack is _____ of an artist.

A. anyone B. someone C. anything D. something

73. Tom sings better than _____ in our class.

A. any other girl B. some other girls C. any girl D. some girl

74. Is this museum _____ you visited last Sunday?

A. that B. / C. the one D. which

75. As we were all asleep, _____ heard that loud noise.

A. either of B. neither of C. none of D. one of

76. There’s something wrong with my watch. Will you ___?

A. see it to B. see to it C. watch to it D. see to look at it

77. I didn’t know which was the better so I took them _____.

A. all B. each C. none D. both

78. You will realize your dream _____.

A. the other day B. some day C. in the days D. for a few days

79. _____ comes first will be served first.

A. Who B. Anybody C. All that D. Whoever

80. _____ seems no need to hurry.

A. It B. That C. There D. He


1-5 ACCAA 6-10 ADDBC 11-15 BDACC 16-20 BDBAB 21-25 CCDDA 26-30 ABACD 31-35 BDBCC 35-40 ADDDA 41-45 CCBBC 46-50 ACDDB 51-55 DBCAB 56-60 BCDAD 61-65 BDCCA 66-70 CDCDB 71-75 ADCCC 76-80 BDBDC


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