Teaching Procedures


Step1 Warming up

T: Boys and girls, good morning. Are you in a good mood today?

S: Yes!

T: I’m so happy to hear that. What kinds of words can be used to describe the persons’ emotions.

Ss: (lost in thought)

T:Let’s enjoy some pictures and find out some emotional words to describe them. Ss: (very interested and excited)

T:Go through the following words and match them with the correct meaning

emotion angry

cross a feeling that you experience

frustration a feeling when you are prevented from doing

what you want

curiosity to make something less difficult

simplify (vt.) a strong feeling of wanting to find out about something 设计意图:以阅读材料为依托,在单词教学环节向学生渗透语篇意识,引导学生在语境中理解单词、短语的意义以及用法。在具体的教学中,采用了单词与词义配对、构词法练习,图文并茂猜。

T: Would you like to think of some emotional words which can fit the situation. Situation 1:

This morning when I got to school, my headmaster asked me to her office. She told me I was the only student who had passed the exam and would have a chance to be an exchange student.

S 1: Happiness/Excitement

Situation 2:

However, about half an hour later, I was called to the office again and was told that the teacher had made a mistake!

S 2:Disappointment/Frustration

T:Where can we find happiness in our life? Are they really happy? (more pictures for the students to glance through)

Ss: (heated discussion)

T: I can’t agree more. Such pictures do bring us so much simple happiness. To have happiness is just so easy.


Step2: Lead-in

T: We can find happiness in all respect in our daily life. What can bring people happiness? Do you think there are some things that make everyone happy? What are they? Can you guess?

Ss: (very interested and excited)

Suggested answers:

S 1:S 2S 3S 4S 5T: Good answers! 设计意图:通过向学生们展示许多贴近生活实际的图片,调动学生的求知欲,培养学生积极参与课堂活动的意识。同时设计一些与阅读文章有关联的问题,为下一步的教学活动做铺垫。

Step3:Read for information

T: Nice going! You know, Miss Dinsmore was annoyed with her little gray house. Do you want to know what can make Miss Dinsmore happy? Let’s read the passage and try to fill in the chart with information from the reading material.

How to make her house more cheerful,She understood it was really cheerful to share happiness with others.


Step4: Read for comprehension

T: We ’ve got a general idea about the passage. Should we try to know more information? Let ’s read the story more carefully and find out the answers to the following questions:

1.Can you find a word in the passage with the same meaning of “cheerful”?

2.How did she do to choose the best cheerful house?

3.What puzzled her most with the so many pictures?

4.What did the news refer to?

5.What can be inferred from the underlined part?

Ss: (in silence) Different answers:

S 1:nice

S 2:She painted picture after picture.

S 3:She still couldn’t decide which colour would make her house look as cheerful as cheerful can be.

S 4:Dinsmore painted very well.

S 5:The secret to happiness is to share it with others.

S 6:True Happiness Comes From The Mind /As Cheerful as Cheerful Can Be


Step 5: Sharing information

T: Miss Dinsmore thought her house was a cheerful house, especially when good friends came to visit her eventually. It was as cheerful as cheerful could be. How can we stay happy ? To figure out the meaning of the happy life, let ’s complete the following sentences. Please discuss it with your deskmate . Let’s see which group will

do best!(with the help of the pictures on the screen)

be______while facing difficulties enjoy the f______

take one’s c_____ in both hands r_____ the weaker

have w____ and courage have some t_____friends

S____ more ready to h_____ others

take exercise to keep h_____ learn to s_____

be w______ to forgive

(Let the students exchange opinions about each picture on the screen.)

Suggested answers:


设计意图:利用课文所学内容,运用任务教学法对快乐生活作进一步的探讨。相互交流,充分发挥了学生的主观能动性,让学生动起来,让他们自动地投身于语言学习的活动中,使他们能在课堂教学活动中真正有一种学习主人的滋味,有一种成功的渴望和感受。把教学活动变成了真正的交际活动,并将课堂活动推向高潮, 从而提炼出文章的主旨大意。希望通过阅读过程中渗透总分总的思维模式,引导学生形成条理分明,逻辑清晰的思维习惯,最终促成同样的写作习惯。

Step6 :Writing

1. Brainstorming

T: If you had a friend who was unhappy, how would you try to help him or her? Based on the passage, what can we advise our friends to do only to live a happy life? You are to have chances to voice your opinions to the class.

Suggested answer:

If I had a friend who was unhappy, I will try to be a good listener and understand what has made him or her so upset. Offer some advice if necessary. Invite him to go outside for a walk or go shopping together to cheer him up。

设计意图:Brainstorming 为学生完成写作准备,意在激发学生思维密度,实现信息共享,获得更多的新观点和视角,有利于接下来的写作构思。同时渗透德育教学理念。


Story :There was once a beggar who was always happy. The king saw him and wondered why he was so happy because he was so poor. However, the king could have whatever he wanted; yet he himself was not happy at all.

T: It’Suggested wiriting:

What is happiness? Different people have different ideas. Some people are rich; they think they are happy. Other people have many friends, so they feel happy. Still For children, happiness often suggests eating something good or playing with

toys. For a stamp collector, stamps bring more delight than meals. And for a scientist, Happiness is a state of mind. As long as one thinks he’s

come to the point of losing hope because they have suffered a great deal, it is often the T :Let ’Cheer up and be happy. Happiness is not far from you. It’s just around you. Try to grasp it and enjoy it.

设计意图:通过Brainstorming ,学生能运用所学的语言表达自己的观点、看法和思想。调动学生的创造性思维,开发学生的智力潜能,提高学生的创造思维能力。通过这一活动强化了写作的效果,使知识逐步转化为技能和能力。学生将所领会到的知识、技能运用到另一个情景中去,通过交际学会交际, 使学生能鲜明地感受到学习的意义,显示了学以致用的功效。

Step7 Read aloud a poem

A poem to learn 设计意图:借助优美的诗歌,引领学生回归现实生活,深化文章的主题思想,渗透以人为本、合作学习的教学理念。

Step8 Out-of-class reading

T: I’d like to recommend you a beautiful English essay A Simple Truth about Happiness written by Dennis Prager (http://www.ebigear.com)


Step9 Homework

1. Read the passage over and over again and remember the important words.

2. Finish the passage to your friends.

3. If you want to know more about English essays, you can search the internet http://www.ebigear.com

4. Complete the following feedback chart




Blackboard Design


Reflection after Teaching


在高中英语教学中如何合理、有效地利用阅读材料,提高学生的阅读理解能力,如何在有限的时间内处理好语言形式教学与语言意义教学之间的关系这是值得我们广大英语教师思考的一个问题。阅读是学生英语学习输入的重要手段,是学生获得英语词汇、语法和句法知识的重要途径,阅读教学在整个英语教学过程中占有举足轻重的地位。现行高中英语教材的阅读材料题材范围广泛,涉及到了天文、地理、历史、人物、日常生活、文学艺术、科学技术、环境保护、体育卫生等各个领域。广泛的题材有利于拓宽学生的知识面,培养学生的兴趣。阅读材料体裁多种多样,有记叙文、说明文、小说、传记,还有书信、日记戏剧、诗歌等,体裁的多样性能让学生在对比中了解英语的差异,有助于培养学生的语感。 本节课我以丰富的教学活动为载体,让学生在小组活动中通过合作和探究来完成各项任务,既有轻松愉快的诗歌朗读,又有需要深层思考的讨论活动,不同的任务设置激发了学生的学习兴趣和用英语表达的欲望。融德育教育于教学中, 这不仅可以培养和提高学生运用语言的能力, 还能使学生受到深刻的思想教育,基本完成了本节课的教学任务。首先,课堂热身和导入部分充分激发了学生的兴趣,活跃了课堂气氛,使学生对阅读材料的主题思想有了直观的感受,为后期任务的实施起铺垫作用。其次,阅读理解的过程由浅入深、先易后难,符合学生的认知规律。再次,写作活动设计循序渐进,使学生能在真实情境中学以致用,提高了学生对语言的综合运用能力。同时课堂评价表的非测试性评价手段达到激励学生学习,帮助学生有效调控自己的学习过程,增强学生的自信心和成就感,培养合作学习的精神。另外,教学中还存在这些许缺陷和不足。首先,由于学生的词汇量小,对词汇意义的认识狭窄,影响阅读速度和理解程度。同时,学生语言基础不扎实,在表达自己的看法和用英语进行讨论时,不时有学生夹杂着汉语,或有的学生不敢大胆说出自己的看法。其次,教师对学生的学情分析还不够到位,导致个别问题设置过难。再次,在学生进行小组活动时,教师缺乏有效的指导和训练,为学生扫除语言困难。教学不仅是一门科学更是一门艺术,需要教师在实践中不断创新优化。


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