1、用大纲视图看。 2、只做二到六单元 第二单元

Q 4 Key:

Q 5 Key: rank

Q 6 Key: swear

Q 7 Key: unfair

Q 8 Key: presence

Q 9 Key: frowning

Q 10 Key: approxim ately

Q 11 Key: outburst

Q 12 Key:

Q 13


indifferent fussi

Q1 Q2 Q 3 Q 4 Q 5 Q 6 Q 7 Q 8 Q 9 Q 10 Q 11 Q 12 Q 13 Q 14 Q 15 Key: Key: Key: Key: Key: Key: Key: Key: Key: Key: Key: Key: Key: Key: Key: on upon on in by to in of on out into of at out on

Blanks: 10 Key: 1) rejected 2) involved 3) commitment 4) exemplify 5) appreciate 6) perfect 7) claiming 8) hostile 9) encouraged 10) remarked

Blank 1

Blank Blank Blank 4 3 Key:

Blank 5

Blank 6

Blank Blank 8 Key: indifferent

Blank Blank 9 Key: earn 10 Key:


Key: 2 coaching Key:

Key: Key: Key: 7 thinking promising sessions Key: swear

1 K

had it make not it been for Q1 Despite the fact that she is the only child in her family, she is never babied by her parents. Q2 Mike didn't come to the party last night, nor did he call me to give an explanation. Q3 The person sitting next to him did publish some novels, but he is by no means a great writer. Q4 He has no interest in football and is indifferent to who wins or loses.

passion p

Q5 The manager needs an assistant that he can count on to take care of problems in his absence.

Q6 This is the first time that he has made a speech in the presence of so large an audience

Computer problems Despite the fact that computer makes our life more convents, it also have a negative side. In fact, it also causes some problems. Firstly, computer-controlled machines making many people lose their jobs for the reason that the use of computer make less people needed. Secondly, there are also some computer crimes .Such problems are usually hard to solve. The most serious problem ia that it does

no good to our health it we sit before the computer so long. Form my perspective, every coin has two sides. If we use it properly, then computer will be a a good helper








Q3 Q4 Key: purs

Q5 Key: explo sive

Q6 Key: overc ome

Q7 Key: indic ated




Q 11

Q 12

Q 13 Key: suspi cion

Q 14 Ke y: ru mo r

1 Key: Ke Ke sacrifi y: y: sa ke ced

Key: Key: oppon strip ents ped

10 Key: Key: Key amaz conde : den ied ing mned

cra uing ck

Q 1 Key: Natasha made herself stand out in the

Q 2 Key: Q 3 Key: To be They are successful, not doing you need a careful plan, good luck, help this to gain recognition or money; they are doing this for the sake of society.

Q4 Key: It was actually what he said rather

Q 5 Key: Once my mother sets her mind on something, it will be

Q 6 Key: Q 7 Key: Years of Local people research are used to had set the stage for their the phenomenon, so they are not surprised

Q 8 Key: Today at this meeting we are going to focus on the question

Q H e

t b f w

group at the right interview time, and by above all, acting as hard work. the leader in her group.

than very hard what he to stop did that her. made me sad.

success at all. in their field.

c h

of air c pollution. i e

the city NG Y Y N Y N N council

at each other's throat

deliver leaflets

deprive him N Y Y Y N N NG of

capital offence

rely upon themselves for


Q1 Ke y: mu tual Q2 Key : illu sio n Q3 Key: canc eled Q4 Key: overl ooked Q5 Key: proce eded Q6 Key : res olv e Q7 Key: preju dice Q8 Key: compr omise Q9 Key : con firm Q 10 Key: subseq uently Q Q 12 Key: 11 harbored/h Key arboured : hesi tate Q 13 Ke y: qu ote Q 14 Key : sus pect

Q1 Key: have nothi ng to do with

Q2 Q3 Q4 Key: Ke Key: taki ng y: on me the surfa ce

Q 5 Q 6 Key: Ke incompat y: ible with wor k out

Q7 Key: ups and dow ns

Q8 Key: learn ed of

Q9 Key:

Q 10

Q 11 Key:

Q 12 Ke y: For a tim e

Q 13 Key: support ive of

indicati Key compro on of : mise all alo ng between

care t of wit h

Blanks: 10 Key:

1) protests 2) hostile 3) attend 4) conclude 5) appropriate 6) reservations 7) overcome 8) defy 9) realistic 10) amazing

Blan k1 Key: nothi ng

Blan k2 Key: susp ect

Blan k3 Key: thro ugh

Bla nk 4 Key : bot her

Bla nk 5 Key : abo ve all

Bla nk 6 Key : dou bt

Blan k7 Key: appl aud

Bla nk 8 Key : spe nd

Blank 9 Key: complai ning

Bla nk 10 Key : tha n

Bla nk 11 Key : car e

Blan k 12 Key: mut ual

Blan k 13 Key: reali stic

Blan k 14 Key: illusi on

Blan k 15 Key: divo rce

Q1 You are never too experienced to learn new techniques.

Q2 There remains one problem, namely, who should be sent to head the research there.

Q3 Their relationship did meet with some difficulty at the beginning because of cultural differences.

Q4 Though he has had ups and downs, I believed all along that he would succeed someday.

Q5 I have some reservations about the truth of your claim.

Q6 She isn't particularly tall, but her slim figure gives an illusion of height.

Q1 应尽早告知 年轻人: 年轻人:必须 认真对待法 律。

Q2 他现在面临一个重 要决定, 要决定,这个决定 可能会影响他的整 个前程。 个前程。

Q3 即使在情况最糟 糕的时候, 糕的时候,你也 必须保持镇静和 信心。 信心。

Q4 人际关系的成功与否 与双方相处是否融洽 以及交流是否通畅有 很大关系。 很大关系。

Q5 他受到袭击, 他受到袭击, 身受重伤, 身受重伤,随 后不治而亡。 后不治而亡。

Q6 他的举止至 少在表面上 像个正常 人。

Many people hold the view that failure is not a good thing.It hurts people even makes people lose the confidence to success. However, on the other hand, Failure has a positive contribution to our life. To start with,it vis a reminder to us.It can act as a motivation on our way to success.Then,ae the

saying goes ,failure is the nother of success.From failure,we can know where we are weak.It help us improve ourselves

Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio n1 n2 n3 n4 n5 n6 n7 n8 n9 n 10 Key: A Key: A Key: B Key: A Key: B Key: B Key: B Key: A Key: B Key: A

Question 1 Key: C

Question 2 Key: A

Question 3 Key: D

Question 4 Key: C

Question 5 Key: B

Question 6 Key: B

Question 7 Key: A

Question 8 Key: D

Q1 Key : arra nge

Q2 Key: criti cism

Q 3 Q 4 Key: Key: criticizing/ inno criticising cent

Q5 Key: mise rable

Q6 Key : mo des t

Q7 Key: comp elled

Q8 Key: som ehow

Q9 Key: antic ipate

Q 10 Key : brill iant

Q 11 Key: ingre dient

Q 12 Ke y: dial ect

Q 13 Key: bub bled

Q 14 Key: diplo matic

Q1 Key: on

Q 2 Key: 1) from 2) to

Q3 Key: off

Q4 Key: with

Q5 Key: away

Q6 Key: about

Q7 Key: over

Q8 Key: On

Q 9 Key:

Q 10

Concerning Key: to

Question 8 Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio Key: their n7 n1 n2 n3 n4 n5 n6 leader Key: Key: N Key: N Key: N Key: Y Key: Y Key: Y and NG command er

Questio Questio n 10 n9 Key: Key: of endless a hawk warfare

Questio Question Questio n 8 Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio 9 n7 Key: n1 n2 n3 n4 n5 n6 Key: Key: get a Key: Y Key: N Key: Y Key: Y Key: N Key: N mysterio NG large us race fortune

Questio n 10 Key: none other than


Q 1 Ke y: for bid Q2 Key: iden tical Q3 Key: obje ction Q4 Key : war mth Q5 Key: volun teers Q6 Key: over seas Q7 Key: decl ined Q8 Key : resi sted Q 9 Ke y: fa nc y Q 10 Key: decrease /decline Q 11 Ke y: va nis h Q 12 Key: conn ectio n Q 13 Key: depa rture Q 14 Ke y: abo ard Q 15 Key: compr esses

Q1 Key: without fail

Q 2 Key: volunteer for

Q3 Key: as long as

Q4 Key: right away

Q5 Key: more than

Q 6 Key: 1) am thankful 2) for

Q7 Key: wrote back

Q 8 Key: forbidden from

Q 9 Key: vanished into

Q 10 Key: was free to

Blanks: 10 Key: 1) created 2) defy 3) connections 4) uncertainty 9) demands 10) committed

affect 5)

separated 6)

intense 7)

nourishes 8)


Blank Blank 3 Key:

Bla nk 4

Bla nk 5

Bla nk 6

Bla nk 7

Bla nk 8

Blank 9 Key:

Blank Bla 10 Key: allevi ate nk 11

Blan k 12 Key:

Blank Bla 13 Key: nk 14

Bla nk 15

nk 1 2 Key Key: : eve r physi cal

overlo Key Key Key Key Key disast ok : on : : : : at ers But car e for wha risk t

Key beyo sacrif : nd ice that

Key Key : : risk but rath er

It is a great pleasure to meet friends from afar.

Q2 It doesn't matter whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches mice.

Q3 You must let me have the money back without fail by ten o'clock tomorrow morning.

Q4 Allow me to take part in this project: I am more than a little interested in it.

Q5 Everyone knows that he is special: He is free to come and go as he pleases.

Q6 Watching the unhappy look on her face, I felt as though she wished to say something to me.

Q1 现如今, 现如今, 仅仅受过 中等教育的人要 想找份好工作越 来越难了。 来越难了。

Q2 留得青山 在,不怕 没柴烧。 没柴烧。

Q3 如果你对所购 物品不满意, 物品不满意, 我们将很乐意 退款。 退款。

Q4 我们对这块伟大的美丽 的土地心怀感激之情, 的土地心怀感激之情, 多 年来它迎接了众多的人 来这里的海滩游览。 来这里的海滩游览。

Q5 让老师吃惊 的是, 的是,没人 自愿当班 长。

Q6 那条狗忠心耿耿 地继续在火车站 等待主人, 等待主人, 直到两 年后死去。 年后死去。

Parents have to save a large amount of money for their children to study abroad.Without the money support,It is hard to live in aforeugn country.High tution comes first.Then the international flight, food, shelter, entertainment also are quite a lot money.What is worse,unexpected expenses is also a big problem such as medical change ,a vocation and so on

Q1 Key: I am almost dead.

Q2 Key: I am moving across the landscape.

Q3 Key: I have achieved a modest amount of prosperity.

Q4 Key: A friend convinces me to go on a blind date with a lady friend of his.

Q5 Key: Roma gets a faraway look in her eyes.

Question 1 Key: D

Question 2 Key: A

Question 3 Key: C

Question 4 Key: A

Question 5 Key: B

Question 6 Key: B

Question 7 Key: C

Question 8 Key: A

Q1 Key: insura nce

Q2 Key: descen ded

Q3 Key: precisi on

Q4 Ke y: tra ce

Q5 Ke y: sta in

Q6 Q 7 Key: Key: accusto spec med ify

Q8 Key: embra ced

Q9 Ke y: kn elt

Q 10 Key: prospe rity

Q 11 Ke y: wh ip

Q 12 Key: scen ery

Q 13 Key: produ cts

Q 1 Key: Q 2 Key: The What all Rockefell workers er family achieved a huge amount of prosperit y in the oil business . have in common is expectin g better working

Q3 Key: You don't know what his feeling s will

Q4 Key: This is

Q 5 Key: Q 6 Key: Q 7 Every year Many Key: at people He was so angry that he lost

Q8 Key: The

Q9 Key: How

Q 10 Key: His career as a teacher came to an end when he broke his leg, but he continu ed to write textboo ks for student s.

generall Christmas still ya drunk cling to warm place, but we do get driving takes its toll on the joyful the hope that one day there will be peace between the two countrie s.

climat on e in earth Alask a is a far cry from did she manag e to

condition be, as s. they

freezing atmosphe weather re.

contro that of pass l. Florid the a. test?

chang on e from occasio day to n. day.

Questi on 8 Questi on 1 Key: Y Questi on 2 Key: N Questi on 3 Key: Y Questi on 4 Key: Y Questi on 5 Key: N Questi on 6 Key: NG Questi on 7 Key: N Key: drowni ng and damag Question 9 Key: underdevelo ped

e to countries propert y Question 9 Key: developi ng

Question 10 Key: The spread of contagio us diseases

Questi on 1 Key: Y

Questi on 2 Key: Y

Questi on 3 Key: NG

Questi on 4 Key: N

Questi on 5 Key: N

Questi on 6 Key: N

Questi on 7 Key: Y

Questi on 8 Key: clearly

defined countrie s

Question 10 Key: zoo conservati on programs


Q1 Key: harde ned Q2 Q Key: 3 shel ter Q4 Key: Q5 Key: Q6 Key: notice able Q7 Q Key 8 Q9 Key: Q 10 Key: Q 11 Q 12 Key: Key: swallo wed Q 13 Key: Q 14 Key:

Ke weak Liter y: en ally sli m

: Ke grate hook larg bun y: ful ed ely ch dr ag Q7 Key: 1)

poison pack ous age

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Key: Key Ke Key: lean : y: are ed on clo se at han d Blanks: 10

Q5 Q6 Key: Key: coupl 1) is

Q8 Q9 Q 10 Q Key: Key: Key: 11 grate struggl a Ke bun ch of

Q 12 Q 13 Q Key: Key: 14 coupl struggl Ke ing to y: die d of

die starv ed of ed of with

directed are 2 ful to ing to 2) at ) dress ed in

y: ed pic with k up

Key: 1) ceased 2) noticeable 3) rebelled 4) skipped 5) bunch 6) forbid 7) objections 8) identical 9) solution 10) behavior

Bla nk 1 Ke y: cea se

Blan k2 Key: patie nce

Bla nk 3 Ke y: de af

Bla nk 4 Key : har dly

Bla nk 5 Ke y: got us ed to

Blan k6 Key: igno red

Blan k7 Key: posi tive

Bla nk 8 Key : ups ets

Bla nk 9 Ke y: mi nd

Blank 10 Key: intent ions

Blank 11 Key: alterna tives

Blank 12 Key: notice able

Blank 13 Key: increas ingly

Bla nk 14 Ke y: eve n if

Blan k 15 Key: appl ying

Q1 He spoke confidently, which impressed me most.

Q2 My father is so forgetful that he is always looking for his keys.

Q3 I'm very grateful to you for all the help you have given me.

Q4 The bad light, coupled with the wet ground, made driving very difficult.

Q5 Being starved of funds, they had to cancel their plan to start a business.

Q6 They always lean on us whenever they are in trouble.

Q1 飞机可能会晚点几 个小时,要是那样, 个小时,要是那样, 我们等着就没有什 么意义了。 么意义了。 Sample writing

沈永淋 0102435

Q2 乔治常常说谎, 乔治常常说谎, 因 此当他说他考试 得了高分时没人 相信他。 相信他。

Q3 除了附近位于十 字路口的那家小 工厂, 工厂,一切都静 悄悄的。 悄悄的。

Q4 缺少睡眠的 人会感到很 难集中心思 干活。 干活。

Q5 我安排人去机 场接克拉克先 生, 然后带他去 宾馆。 宾馆。

Q6 一到达山顶, 一到达山顶, 游客们都高 兴地大叫起 来。


Nowdays as the cultual exchange deepens ,the number of mixed marriage is increasing.Howener,such marriage tends to have more problems.Cultural differences comes first.The different culture may cause more quarrels.People from different races have different values,which may

Sample writing

cause prejudices and doubts.What it is worse,the partents are more likely to be cruel to children .All these problems lead to higher divorce rates

Q1 Key: giving them many material possessions Q2 Key: change continually and frequently Q3 Key: a sudden, uncontrollable feeling of regret Q4 Key: makes (the parent-child relationship) go wrong; taking (some of the happiness and mutual respect) away from (parents and their children) Question 6 Key: B Q 10 Key: respo nded Q 11 Key : defi nite Question 7 Key: B Q 12 Key: sens itive Q 13 Key: improv ements Q5 Key: start a new course of improved behavior

Question 1 Key: A Q1 Key: assi gne d Q2 Key: comp ensat e

Question 2 Key: C Q3 Key : pro mpt Q4 Key : ma nne r

Question 3 Key: D Q5 Key: tend ency

Question 4 Key: D Q7 Ke y: su bm it

Question 5 Key: A Q9 Key: fluct uate s

Question 8 Key: C Q 14 Ke y: bar ely Q 15 Key : har mfu l

Q6 Key: under mined

Q8 Key : infe rred

Q1 Key: Jean wrot e the spea ker's addr

Q2 Key: Passe ngers must show

Q3 Key: Offici als are boun

Q4 Key : I took it

Q5 Key: She has been selfis h all the

Q6 Q7 Q8 Key: Key Key: Peo ple in this regi on : Poo r heal th had Betty gets very depre ssed at

Q 9 Q 10 Key: Key: The boy s at my sch ool use d to Jenn y kept beggi ng me for a new

Q 11 Key: As he attem pted to get off the train, he

Q 12 Q 13 Key: Key: It see ms logic al to sup Dunn e was murd ered,

Q 14 Key : The hote

their d to for tickets invest gra

along ls with wer

ess on igate down deman any in her note book for fear that she migh t forge t it. d. possi ble corru ption.

nted time, have mad times that but pine e it beca you she wou has

pose three e that guard pac s. ked with tour ists

d for diffi use mak a cult of the e press fun ure of of me beca use I have a flat nos e.

bicyc seem wild le, ed to er and I finall y gave in. Exer cises on Web cour se only: lose stren gth, and half fell to the grou nd. and wild er swin gs mus t in the end get out of cont rol.

ld prom peac for com ised eful Jim e with us, so I bou ght you a tick et. to turn over a new leaf and beco me more lovin g towa rd other s. life sinc e the religi ous war brok e out thre e deca des ago.

to her hol work. d dow na job for mor e tha na year .

Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio n 8 n5 n1 n2 n3 n4 n6 n7 Key: Key: Key: Y Key: N Key: Y Key: N Key: Y Key: N their NG host

Questio n9 Key: send someon e gifts

Questio n 10 Key: in black

Questi on 1 Key: Y

Questi on 2 Key: Y

Questi on 3 Key: NG

Questi on 4 Key: N

Questi on 5 Key: Y

Questi on 6 Key: N

Questi on 7 Key: Y

Questi on 8 Key: the truth

Questi on 9 Key: plain speaki ng

Question 10 Key: our shortcomin gs


Q1 Key: conf esse d Q2 Ke y: res erv e Q3 Key: profe ssion al Q4 Key: impr essiv e Q 5 K ey : lat te r Q6 Ke y: co nve y Q7 Ke y: qu alif y Q8 Ke y: refi ne d Q9 Key: subs titut e Q 10 Key : app rova l Q 11 K ey : la b el Q 12 Ke y: des pai r Q 13 Key: pro mine nt Q 14 Key : awa rde d Q 15 Key: charac teristic Q 16 Key: applic ations

Q 1 Ke y: 1) fill

Q2 Key: 1) feel comf ortabl

Q3 Key: 1) attac h first impo rtanc

Q 4 Key: Q 5 Q 6 1) Key Key: turned down 2) rejected/ refused : 1) ca me 1) press ing me

Q7 Key: 1) free from /free

Q8 Q9 Ke Key y: 1) stu ck : 1) for bett er or wor se 2) whe ther the resu lt is goo d or bad

Q 10 Key: 1) took charg e of 2) took respo

Q 11 Key: 1) guilt y of 2) havi ng

Q 12 Key: 1) ill at ease 2 ) uncomf ortable ; not

Q 13 Key: 1) proje ct... on/pr

Q 14 Ke y: 1) co

ou e t 2 with ) fill in 2) feel

to/c for 2) of 2) wit am try in not h e up influ 2) ence 不 得 to mine d 不 2) d way by 接 mo to get 待; ved some 被 tow thing 迫 ard 接 待 a deter

oject. nv .. ey to 2)

e to 2) comf 非常 重视; ortabl 重视; 把… e 放 about …放 在第 一位

nsibilit com relaxed upon y for mitte 2) d som e crim e

imagi ma ne ke some it one kn else ow is n havin to g the same feelin gs as you

Blanks: 10 Key: 1) characteristic 2) confuse 3) assigned 4) compensate 8) conversely 9) realized 10) ceased Blan k1 Key: entir ely Blank 2 Key: recog nize Bla nk 3 Key : rath er tha n Blan k4 Key: cho ose to Bla nk 5 Ke y: clai m Bla nk 6 Ke y: mo re like ly Blan k7 Key: con vey Bla nk 8 Ke y: on

labeled 5)

contrast 6)

embarrassing 7)

Blan k9 Key: decli ned

Bla nk 10 Ke y: mo re tha n

Blank 11 Key: embarra ssed

Blan k 12 Key: identi cal

Blank 13 Key: Simil arly

Bla nk 14 Ke y: ho w

Bla nk 15 Ke y: as

Q1 (Just) as a machine needs regular running, so does the body need regular exercise.

Q2 Q3 He learned To our to play the disappointment, piano he turned down while our invitation. studying in the United States.

Q4 The reality is that, for better or worse, the world has changed with the advance of new technologies.

Q5 Most of the female students in my class appear to be ill at ease when (they are) required to answer questions.

Q6 The local government took charge of the security for the sports meeting.

Q1 足球之于意 大利人, 大利人, 就像 乒乓球之于 中国人。 中国人。

Q2 教师没急着要班 里同学现在作决 定,而是要他们仔 细考虑后再下决 心。

Q3 我不知道那是什么饮 我喝了那么多; 料,我喝了那么多;结 果那些小伙子只能送 果那些小伙子只能送 我回家, 我回家, 因为我有点醉 了。

Q4 在中国北 方,三月 份往往多 风。

Q5 尽管如此, 尽管如此, 政府 已经同意总支 出增加 6.2%。 。

Q6 信息被定义为通 过陈述事实向大 脑传达的知识, 脑传达的知识, 它 可以有多种形式。 可以有多种形式。

Sample writing

沈永淋 0102435 0 My hometown is very much like my college town. is a small village surrounded by farmland .Although it is located in rural area,it is very tidy.It is just like my college.My college town lies in a small area .It is far away from the city center.So usually it is a very quite place.Suc atmosphere alaways makes me feel at home

Q1 Key: The writer wants to describe a sociological exercise that might seem to validate a standard criticism of sociological research. (Para. 1)

Q2 Key: During spring break from a local college, my friend and I went downtown to shop. (Para. 2)

Q3 Key: The aim was to look like street people and to observe what difference that made in the way other people responded to them—whether the appearance of poverty would invite prejudice on them. (Para. 3)

Q4 Key: They went into the bargain store of a local charity where they politely asked access to a bathroom. (Para. 4)

Q5 Key: People judge by appearances. (Para. 7)

Question 1 Key: B Q 1 K ey : ti dy Q2 Ke y: pre vail

Question 2 Key: B Q3 Key: emot ional Q4 Key: imita ting

Question 3 Key: A Q5 Key: disco urage Q6 Key : bar gai n

Question 4 Key: A Q7 Key : wan der Q8 Key: super ficial

Question 5 Key: B Q9 Key: conc ealed

Question 6 Key: A

Question 7 Key: A Q 12 Key: excl usiv e Q 13 Key: intern alized

Question 8 Key: B Q 14 K ey : mi ld Q 13 Key : tun e out Q 15 Key : vali date

Q 10 Key: accom panies

Q 11 Key: inhe rent

Q1 Key: turne d out

Q2 Key: is not reall y up to

Q3 Key: went to great length s

Q4 Key: actin g out

Q5 Key: spok e of

Q6 Key: Judgin g by

Q7 Key: out of charact er

Q8 Key: took side s

Q9 Key: blo w his cov er

Q 10 Key : mor e or less

Q 11 Key: turne d to

Q 12 Key: out of bound s

Q 14 Key : apa rt fro m

Question Questio 8 Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio n5 Key: the n1 n2 n3 n4 n6 n7 Key: mass Key: N Key: N Key: Y Key: N Key: N Key: Y NG producti on Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio Questio n8 n7 n1 n2 n3 n4 n5 n6 Key: Key: Key: N Key: Y Key: N Key: Y Key: Y Key: N still NG poor

Questio n9 Key: the cocoa press Questio n9 Key: by all regions

Questio n 10 Key: 1765

Questio n 10 Key: in Asia


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    授课日期2016年 8月29日 第一课:我的读书经历 第一课时:学习词语 教学目标 [识记]:记住本课生字和词语的读音和写法. [理解]:理解本课词语的意思及用法 [运用]:能用本课词语造句说话,用于实际生活中. [重点,难点] [重点]:记住本课生字和词语的读音和写法 [难点]:理解本课词语的意思 ...

  4. 老师说给学生的话

    那天上课,很多人打盹,不知道是我讲的不好,还是同学太困。为了让大家顺利通过考试,我再补充几点关于影评的问题。 第一,为什么我说影评是一种写作,就是要大家从一开始就放弃追求某种模式,不要受常规模式的影响,而追求一种自由的表达。这样,把影评看作一种写作,是把影评从各种文体的规范中解放出来。写作可以达到多 ...

  5. 20156英语教研组工作小结

    探究教学新体系,提高英语课堂实效 ----2014学年度第二学期工作小结 天山初中英语教研组 转眼间,一学期的工作即将结束,在学校的领导下,关心.指导下,在每一位英语教师的努力下,坚持以人为本,倡导创新精神.在组员们大力支持下,我们顺利完成了各项教学研修任务.由于本学期时间短,任务重,所以是紧张繁忙 ...

  6. 大学课本课后习题答案

    注册可用 公共课程 http://www.10xiao.com/forum-6-1.html 新视野大学英语读写教程第四册答案 http://www.10xiao.com/thread-7-1-1.html 新视野大学英语读写教程第三册答案 http://www.10xiao.com/thread- ...

  7. 人机工程学试题库答案

    人机工程学复习题 一. 填空题 1. 人机工程学的定义是. 2.__视__觉在人接受的信息中所占比例最大. 3.人体测量的基准面有水平面._矢状面___.__冠状面__和眼耳平面. 4.若男性身高的第5百分位数为158.3CM则有_95___%男性身高大于158.3CM. 5.影响热环境条件的主要因 ...

  8. 新视野大学英语视听说教程1答案Unit10

    新视野大学英语视听说教程1答案Unit10 发表于2009年02月18日 17:21 阅读(1) 评论(0) 分类: [url=javascript:;]答案 [/url] 举报 II. Listening Skills Identifying the Main Information 1.Trip ...