What are you trying to say?(你到底想说什么?)

Don't be silly.(别胡闹了。)

How strong are your glasses?(你近视多少度?)

Just because.(没有别的原因。)

It isn't the way I hoped it would be.(这不是我所盼望的。)

You will never guess.(你永远猜不到。)

No one could do anything about it.(众人对此束手无措。)

I saw something deeply disturbing.(深感事情不妙。)

Money is a good servant but a bad master. (要做金钱的主人,莫做金钱的奴隶。) I am not available.(我正忙着)

Wisdom in the mind is better than money in the hand.(脑中的知识比手中的金钱更重要) Never say die.it's a piece of cake.别泄气,那只是小菜一碟。

Don't worry.you'll get use to it soon.别担心,很快你就会习惯的。

I konw how you feel.我明白你的感受。

You win some.you lose some.胜败乃兵家常事。

Don't bury your head in the sand.不要逃避现实。

I didn't expect you to such a good job.我没想到你干得这么好。

You are coming alone well.你做得挺顺利。

She is well-build.她的身材真棒。

You look neat and fresh.你看起来很清纯。

You have a beautiful personality.你的气质很好。

You flatter me immensely.你过奖啦。

You should be slow to judge others.你不应该随意评论别人。

I hope you will excuse me if i make any mistake.如有任何错误,请你原谅

It was most careless ofme.我太粗心了。

It was quite by accident.真是始料不及。

I wish i had all the time i'd ever wasted,so i could waste it all over again.我希望所有被我浪费的时间重新回来,让我再浪费一遍。

I like you the way you were.我喜欢你以前的样子。

You two go ahead to the movie without me,i don't want to be a third wheel.你们两个自己去看电影吧,我不想当电灯泡。

Do you have anyone in mind?你有心上人吗?

How long have you known her?你认识她多久了?

It was love at frist sight.一见钟情

I'd bettle hit the books.我要复习功课啦。

a piece of one's mind .直言不讳

He gave me a piece of mind,"Don't shift responsibility onto others."他责备道:“不要把责任推卸到别人身上。”

a cat and dog life 水火不容的生活

The husband and his wife are always quarrelling,and they are leading a cat and dog life.这对夫妇老是吵架,相互之间水火不容。

a dog's life 潦倒的生活

The man lived a dog's life.这个人生活潦倒。

A to Z 从头至尾

I know that from A to Z. 我很了解这件事。

above somebody 深奥

Well,this sort of talk is above me.我不懂你们在讲什么。

all ears 全神贯注地倾听着

When you tell Mary some gossip,she is all ears.跟Mary 讲一些小道消息,她会听地仔仔细细。

all the more 更加,益发

You'll be all the better for a holiday.度一次假,对你会更有好处。

all dressed up 打扮得整整齐齐

She is all dressed up and nowhere to go.她打扮得整整齐却无处炫耀。

all in all 总的说来;最心爱的东西

The daughter is all in all to him.女儿是他的无价宝。

all out 竭尽全力

They went all out.他们鼓足了干劲。

all over 全部结束;浑身,到处

Glad,it is all over. 这事全部结束了,好得很。

I'm wet all over. 我浑身都湿了。

all set 准备就绪

He is all set for an early morning start.他已做好清晨出发的一切准备。

all you have to do 需要做得是

All you have to do is to calm yourself down and wait for the good news.你需要做得是静下心来等好消息。

as easy as falling of a log /as easy as snapping your fingers /as easy as ABC 容易得很 To me,a good story teller,it would be as easy as falling of a log.


as busy as a bee 非常忙

Mum is always as busy as a bee in the moring.妈妈每天早上都忙得不可开交。 at one's fingertips 了如指掌

How to get at that little island is at his fingertips.他知道怎么去那个小岛。

at one's wit's end 智穷

Don't ask him.It is also at his wit's end.不要问他了,他也不知道。

big shot 大人物,大亨

He is a big shot in our little town.

black sheep 败家子,害群之马

Every family has a black sheep.家家有本难念的经。

black and blue 遍体鳞伤

The thief was caught of red-handed and beaten black and blue.那个小偷当场被抓住并被打得青一块紫一块的。

black and white 白纸黑字

The proof is in black and white and the murderer has no any excuses.证据确凿,凶手再也无话可说。

blind alley 死胡同

You are heading into a blind alley.你正在钻牛角尖。

blow hot and cold 摇摆不定

This guy seemed to have no own idea.He always blew hot and cold.这家伙好象没什么主张,总是摇摆不定。

blow one's own trumpet 自吹自擂

Don't blow your own tumpet.Let us see what on earth you can do.不要自吹自擂了,让我们看看你到底能做什么。

born with a silver in one's mouth 出生在富贵人家

He is born with a silver in one's mouth.他是含着金钥匙出生的。

bland new 崭新的

a bland new coat 新衣服

break the ice 打破沉默

The couple hadn't spoken to each other for a week.They were both waiting for the other one to break the ice.这对夫妇已经一个星期没说过话了。两人都在等另一方先开口。 by a blow 无意中的一击

He is beaten to the ground by a blow.他被击到在地。

can't stand it any longer 不能再忍受了

I can't stand it any longer,I quit.我再也忍受不了了,我走。

carry something too far 过火了

You are carrying your joke too far. 你玩笑开得太过分了。

castle in the sky 海市蜃楼

You plan is nearly a castle in the sky.你的计划简直就是空想。

cats got one's tongue 哑口无言

chain smoker 老烟枪

come up with 产生,想出

Let me come up with some ideas.让我想一想。

come easily 容易

Languages come easily to some people.有些人能够很容易地掌握语言。

cup of tea 喜欢

Movies are not my cup of tea.我不喜欢看电影。

cut it out 停止,住嘴

Cut it out!I can't stand you any longer.

call it a day 不再做下去,停止(某种活动)

Let us call it a day,stop.这一天工作够了,停工吧! dark horse 黑马

Nobody considered that John would win the game.He was a dark horse in the final. dear John letter 绝交信

Jack received a dear John letter from his girlfriend because he had broken her heart. do somone good 对某人有好处

Having some moring exercises does you good.

Do you get me? 你明白我的意思吗?

doesn't count 这次不算

It doesn't count this time,try again.

doesn't make sense 不懂;没有任何意义

The sentence you made doesn't make any sense to me.

down and out 穷困潦倒

Being down and out,he couldn't support his family.

drive at 用意,意欲

What's he driving at?他用意何在?

drop in 偶然拜访

I dropped him in on my way to the hospital.

drop me a line 写信给我

On arriving the University,please drop me a line.

early bird 早起的人

An early bird catchs worms。捷足先登

easy come easy go 来得快去得也快

eat my words 收回前言,认错道歉

I said something bad to my mum.Although I want to eat my words back, it didn't work,for I had hurt my mum's feeling.

face the music 直面困难

He knew he'd never get away with it so he decided to face the music and give himself up to the police.他知道自己不可能逃脱,因此决定一人做事一人当——向警察自首。 face up to 勇敢地面对某事

You must learn to face up to your responsibilities.

fed up 厌倦

I am rather fed up with your complaints.

feel free to do something 不要拘束

Please feel free to make suggestions.

few and far between 很少,稀少

Human beings are few and far between in this zone.

French leave 不辞而别

give me a headache 让人头痛

The naughty boy gave me a headache.

give me a hand 帮我一下

go Dutch AA制

God bless you 上帝保佑你

God bless you with your examinations.

God knows 天知道

Got it? 明白了吗?

green thumbs /fingers 园艺技能

hands are full 非常忙

have a ball 勇敢

have had it 受够了

I have had it with all your excuses.我受够了你的借口。

hold water 站得住脚

Non of his arguements seem to hold water.

in every sense of word 在某种意义上说

It's a lie in every sense of word.这是不折不扣的谎言。

keep an eye on 提高警惕

kill time打发时间

lazy bones 懒骨头

Get up lazy bones!

leave it to me 让我来吧

leave me alone 别管我

like father like son 有其父必有其子

like it or not 不管你喜不喜欢

make a fool of oneself 愚弄某人

make a big money 赚大钱

make both ends need 收支平衡

We have to cut our expenses to make both ends need.

make waves 引起轰动;兴风作浪

His achievement made waves in his country.

make yourself at home 别拘束

no good 没有好结果

Bad mam comes to no good.

no kidding 不要开玩笑

none of your bussiness 不关你的事

not really 也不是……

old hand 老手

He is an old hand at stealing.

old story 老一套

I am tired of it,same old story.

on one's word of honor 以某人的人格担保

on occasion 间或

of one's own accord 自愿地

packed like sardins 拥挤

During the holidays,people in the trains are packed like sardins. pass away 去世

pay the price 付出代价

You are playing with the fire and you must pay the poice one day. put up with 忍受

I cann't put up with your rudeness any more;leave my room. red-letter day 重要的或值得纪念的日子

red tape 繁文缛节

red carpet 红地毯

run into 偶遇

I ran into an old friend in the shop yesterday.

run out of 用尽,缺少

Quick,quick,we are running out of time.

show up 炫耀

small potatos 小人物

so what? 那怎么样呢?

stand up for 忍受

suit one's taste 对某人的胃口

sunday dress 最好的衣服

sure thing 十有把握的事

take one's time 尽情玩

Take your time and enjoy it.

take the words out of one's mouth 说出某人想说得话

that's it 就是

that is really something 太好了

there is nothing I can do 我什么都不能做

there you go 这边请

there is nothing wrong with me 我没事

under the table 死底下,秘密地

under the weather 身体不适

what's going on 怎么了

what a man 多勇敢的人啊

walking dictionary 活字典

what is up 近来可好

Hi,I haven't seen you for a long time,what's up?

world class 一流的

1. a big headache 令人头痛的事情

2. a fraction of 一部分

3. a matter of concern 焦点

4. a series of 一系列, 一连串above all 首先, 尤其是

5. absent from 不在, 缺席

6. abundant in 富于

7. account for 解释

8. accuse sb. of sth. 控告

9. add to 增加(add up to )

10. after all 毕竟, 究竟

11. agree with 同意

12. ahead of time / schedule 提前

13. ahead of 在... 之前(ahead of time 提前)

14. alien to 与... 相反

15. all at once 突然, 同时

16. all but 几乎; 除了... 都

17. all of a sudden 突然

18. all over again 再一次, 重新

19. all over 遍及

20. all right 令人满意的; 可以

21. all the same 仍然, 照样的

22. all the time 一直, 始终

23. angry with sb. at/about sth. 生气, 愤怒

24. anxious about/for忧虑, 担心

25. anything but 根本不

26. apart from 除... 外(有/无)

27. appeal to 吸引,申诉,请求

28. applicable to 适用于

29. apply to 适用

30. appropriate for/to适当, 合适

31. approximate to 近似, 接近

32. apt at 聪明, 善于

33. apt to 易于

34. around the clock 夜以继日

35. as a matter of fact 实际上

36. as a result(of) 因此, 由于

37. as a rule 通常, 照例

38. as far as ...be concerned 就... 而言

39. as far as 远至, 到... 程度

40. as follows 如下

41. as for 至于, 关于

42. as good as 和... 几乎一样

43. as if 好像, 防腐

44. as regards 关于, 至于

45. as to 至于, 关于

46. as usual 像平常一样, 照例

47. as well as 除... 外(也), 即... 又

48. as well 同样, 也, 还

49. ashamed of 羞愧, 害臊

50. aside from 除... 外(还有)

51. ask for the moon 异想天开

52. at a loss 茫然, 不知所措

53. at a time 一次, 每次

54. at all costs 不惜一切代价

55. at all events 不管怎样, 无论如何

56. at all times 随时, 总是

57. at all 丝毫(不), 一点也不

58. at any rate 无论如何, 至少

59. at best 充其量, 至多

60. at first sight 乍一看, 初看起来

61. at first 最初, 起先

62. at hand 在手边, 在附近

63. at heart 内心里, 本质上

64. at home 在家, 在国内

65. at intervals 不时, 每隔...

66. at large 大多数, 未被捕获的

67. at last 终于

68. at least 至少

69. at length 最终, 终于

70. at most 至多, 不超过

71. at no time 从不, 决不

72. at one time 曾经, 一度; 同时

73. at present 目前, 现在

74. at someone's disposal 任... 处理

75. at the cost of 以... 为代价

76. at the mercy of 任凭... 摆布

77. at the moment 此刻, 目前

78. at this rate 照此速度

79. at times 有时, 间或

80. aware of 意识到

81. back and forth 来回地, 反复地

82. back of 在... 后面

83. back up 后备, 支援

84. bare of 几乎没有, 缺乏

85. be able to do 能够

86. be around 差不多

87. be available to sb. 可用, 可供

88. be bound to 一定

89. be capable of doing 能够

90. be concerned with 关心…,涉足…

91. be dying to 渴望

92. be fed up with 受够了be tired of

93. be in hospital 住院

94. be in season 上市的/in peak season 旺季

95. be in the mood to do sth. 想做

96. be pressed for time 时间不够

97. be tied up with 忙于

98. be under the weather 身体不好

99. beat around the bush 拐弯没角

100. beat the crowd 避开人群

101. before long 不久以后

102. behind schedule 误点

103. bent on sth. 下定决心做…

104. beside point 离题的, 不相干的

105. beyond one's ability 超越某人的能力

106. beyond question 毫无疑问

107. book on reserve 须留的图书

108. booked up 订完了

109. bound for 开往

110. break down 抛锚

111. break though 突破

112. break up with 和某人分手be through with / be finished with 113. bring about 使…发生

114. bring someone up to date 帮某人赶上help someone catch up 115. by accident 偶然

116. by air 通过航空途径

117. by all means 尽一切办法, 务必

118. by and by 不久, 迟早

119. by chance 偶然, 碰巧

120. by far 最,... 得多

121. by hand 用手, 用体力

122. by itself 自动地, 独自地

123. by means of 用, 依靠

124. by mistake 错误地, 无意地

125. by no means 决不, 并没有

126. by oneself 单独地, 独自地

127. by reason of 由于

128. by the way 顺便说说

129. by virtue of 借助, 由于

130. by way of 经由, 通过... 方法

131. call off 取消

132. call on 号召, 邀请, 点某人的名, 拜访

133. capable of 能够

134. careful of/about/with小心, 注意

135. certain of /about确信, 肯定

136. chair a meeting 主持会议

137. charge sb. with sth. 控告

138. clear of 没有, 不接触

139. clever at 善于

140. close to 接近, 亲近

141. come in contact with 与…取得联系

142. come out of sth. alive 大难不死

143. come up (with)提出, 拿出

144. comparable to/with比作/比较

145. conscious of 察觉到, 意识到

146. consequent on 随之而来

147. considerate towards 体谅, 体贴

148. contemporary with 与... 同时代

149. content with 满足于

150. contrary to 违反

151. cost someone an arm and a leg 代价很大

152. count down 倒计时

153. count one's chickens before they are hatched 过于乐观 154. count on 依靠

155. count on 依靠

156. count the day 期待

157. count the day 期待

158. counter to 与... 相反

159. crazy about 热衷, 着迷

160. critical of 挑剔, 批评

161. cry in one's beer 借酒消愁

162. cry on one's shoulder 依靠

163. curious about 好奇, 想知道

164. cut down on 减少

165. cut down 削减

166. cut in 插入

167. cut off 切断

168. cut out 切除

169. cut someone short 打断

170. cut through 抄近路

171. cut up 切碎

172. die out 灭绝

173. distinct from 种类(风格) 不同

174. do the laundry 洗衣服

175. doubtful of /about怀疑

176. drop by / in 顺路拜访

177. due to 由于, 因为

178. each other 互相

179. easier said than done 说起来容易做起来难 180. east of 在... 东面

181. equal to 相等, 胜任

182. equivalent to 等于, 相当于

183. essential to/for必不可少

184. even if/though 即使, 虽然

185. ever so 非常, 极其

186. every now and then 时而, 偶尔

187. every other 每隔一个的

188. except for 除了... 外

189. expert at/in/on善于

190. face to face 面对面地

191. faculty members 教职员工

192. faithful to 忠实于

193. fall flat 平躺在地上

194. familiar to sb 为... 所熟悉

195. familiar with sth 熟悉, 通晓

196. far from 远非, 远离

197. fatal to 致命的

198. favorable to 支持, 赞成

199. fearful of 惧怕

200. feel at home 熟悉

201. feel blue 心情不好

202. feel free to 随便

203. figure out sth. 解决

204. fit for 适于

205. flat tire 轮胎没气

206. flat tire 轮胎没气

207. fond of 喜欢

208. for ever 永远

209. for good 永久地

210. for the better 好转

211. for the moment 暂时, 目前

212. for the present 暂时, 目前

213. for the sake of 为了, 为了... 的利益

214. for the time being 暂时, 眼下

215. foreign to 非... 所原有

216. free of /from未受...; 免费

217. free with 康慨, 大方

218. from time to time 有时, 不时

219. full up 客满

220. get a bargain 买到便宜货

221. get nowhere with 毫无进展

222. get over 恢复

223. get used to 习惯于

224. give off 发出

225. give someone a big hand 为某人鼓掌

226. give someone a hand 帮忙

227. go about sth. 开始做…

228. go after 追求

229. go ahead 同意做某事

230. go by 遵守

231. go down 下降,往下传

232. go for 竭尽全力做

233. go into 进入,开始从事

234. go off 出发

235. go out 熄灭,外出

236. go over 复习

237. go over 复习,从头到尾检查一遍

238. go round/around足够分配

239. go sightseeing 去观光

240. go steady with 和某人确定关系

241. go through 从头到尾

242. go without 单独

243. guilty of 有... 罪的

244. had better 最好

245. hand in hand 手拉手 , 密切关联

246. hang up 挂断

247. have one's hands full

248. have the final say 有决定权

249. head on 迎面地, 正面的

250. heart and soul 全心全意地

251. hold out for sth. 坚持要求

252. hold up 坚持

253. hold water 站得住脚

254. how about ...怎么样

255. how come 怎么会

256. hungry for 渴望

257. ignorant of 不知道

258. impatient at sth. 不耐烦

259. impatient for 急切, 渴望

260. impatient of 无法容忍

261. in (the)light of 鉴于, 由于

262. in a hurry 匆忙, 急于

263. in a moment 立刻, 一会儿

264. in a sense 从某种意义上说

265. in a way 在某种程度上

266. in a word 简言之, 总之

267. in accordance with 与... 一致, 按照

268. in addition to 除... 之外(还)

269. in addition 另外, 加之

270. in advance 预先, 事先

271. in all 总共, 合计

272. in any case 无论如何

273. in any event 无论如何

274. in brief 简单地说

275. in case of 假如, 防备

276. in charge of 负责, 总管

277. in common 共用的, 共有的

278. in consequence(of) 因此; 由于

279. in debt 欠债, 欠情

280. in detail 详细地

281. in difficulty 处境困难

282. in effect 实际上, 事实上

283. in favor of 支持, 赞成

284. in front of 面对, 在... 前

285. in general 一般来说, 大体上

286. in half 成两半

287. in hand 在进行中, 待办理

288. in honor of 为庆祝, 为纪念

289. in itself 本质上, 就其本身而言

290. in line with 与... 一致

291. in memory of 纪念

292. in no case 决不

293. in no time 立即, 马上

294. in no way 决不

295. in order 按顺序, 按次序

296. in other words 换句话说

297. in part 部分地

298. in particular 特别, 尤其

299. in person 亲自, 本人

300. in place of 代替, 取代, 交换

301. in place 在合适的位置

302. in practice 在实践中, 实际上

303. in proportion to 与... 成比例

304. in public 公开地, 当众

305. in quantity 大量

306. in question 正在谈论的

307. in regard to 关于, 至于

308. in relation to 关于, 涉及

309. in return for 作为对... 报答

310. in return 作为报答/回报/交换

311. in short 简言之, 总之

312. in sight 被见到; 在望

313. in spite of 尽管

314. in step with 与... 一致/协调

315. in tears 流着泪, 在哭着

316. in terms of

317. in the company / wake of 随着

318. in the course of 在... 期间/过程中

319. in the distance 在远处

320. in the end 最后, 终于

321. in the event of 如果... 发生, 万一

322. in the face of 即使; 在... 面前

323. in the first place 首先

324. in the future 在未来

325. in the heat of the day 一天中最热的时候

326. in the least 丝毫, 一点

327. in the long run 长期

328. in the way 挡道

329. in the world 究竟, 到底

330. in time 及时

331. in touch 联系, 接触

332. in turn 依次, 轮流; 转而

333. in vain 徒劳, 白费力

334. indifferent to 无兴趣, 不关心

335. indignant with sb. 愤慨

336. inferior to 级别低于, 不如

337. innocent of 无... 罪, 无辜

338. instead of 代替, 而不是

339. intent on 专心于

340. invisible to 不可见的

341. jealous of 嫉妒

342. just now 眼下; 刚才

343. keep one's eyes on 关注

344. keep on 爱好, 很喜欢

345. keep track of 留心

346. kind of / sort of 有点somewhat

347. lay off 下岗

348. leave alone 别说

349. let the cat out of the bag 泄露秘密

350. liable for 对... 有责任

351. liable to 易于

352. little by little 逐渐地

353. look for / hunt for 找工作

354. lost the point 弄错

355. lots of 许多

356. loyal to 忠于

357. mad about/on狂热迷恋

358. mad at/with sb. 生气, 愤怒

359. mad with 因... 发狂

360. make (both) ends meet 收支平衡

361. make a living 谋生

362. make it 成功

363. make the best / most of 充分利用

364. many a 许多

365. mark the papers 批改考卷

366. mayor / minor in

367. meet one's needs 满足要求

368. might as well 不妨

369. mistake a for b 认错

370. more or less 或多或少, 有点

371. my treat 我请客

372. narrow escape 九死一生

373. necessary to /for必要的

374. next door 隔壁的, 在隔壁

375. next to 下一个, 其次

376. no doubt 无疑地

377. no less than 不少于...; 不亚于

378. no longer 不再

379. no more than 至多, 同... 一样不

380. no more 不再

381. none other than 不是别的, 正是

382. nothing but 只有, 只不过

383. now and then 时而, 偶尔

384. off and on 断断续续, 间歇地

385. off duty 下班

386. on (the) one hand 一方面

387. on a large/small scale 大/小规模地

388. on account of 由于

389. on behalf of 代表

390. on board 在船(车/飞机) 上

391. on business 因公

392. on condition that 如果

393. on duty 上班, 值班

394. on earth 究竟, 到底

395. on fire 起火着火

396. on foot 步行

397. on guard 站岗, 值班

398. on hand 在场, 在手边

399. on loan to 借给

400. on occasion(s) 有时, 间或

401. on one's guard 警惕, 提防

402. on one's own 独立, 独自

403. on purpose 故意地

404. on sale 出售, 廉价出售

405. on schedule 按时间表, 准时

406. on second thoughts 经重新考虑

407. on the contrary 正相反

408. on the grounds of 根据, 以... 为由

409. on the other hand 另一方面

410. on the point of 即将... 的时刻

411. on the road 在旅途中

412. on the side 作为兼职/副 业

413. on the spot 在场; 马上

414. on the whole 总的来说, 大体上

415. on time 准时

416. on(an/the) average 平均, 通常

417. once (and) for all 一劳永逸地

418. once again 再一次

419. once in a while 偶尔

420. once more 再一次

421. once upon a time 从前

422. one another 相互

423. one's cup of tea 喜欢的人/物

424. open to 不限制, 开放的

425. opposite to 在对面

426. or else 否则, 要不然

427. or so 大约, 左右

428. other than 非; 除了

429. out of breath 喘不过气来

430. out of control 失去控制

431. out of date 过时的

432. out of doors 在户外

433. out of order 出故障的

434. out of place 不适当的

435. out of practice 久不练习, 荒疏

436. out of sight 看不见, 在视野外

437. out of the question 毫无可能的

438. out of touch 不联系, 不接触

439. out of 从... 中; 由于; 缺乏

440. over and over (again) 一再地, 再三地

441. parallel to 与... 平等, 类似

442. particular about 挑剔, 讲究

443. patient with 有耐心

444. peculiar to 独特的, 独有的

445. pick up 捡

446. play by ear 见机行事

447. popular with 受... 喜爱, 爱戴

448. prior to 在... 之前

449. pull one's leg 拿某人开玩笑put someone on

450. put someone up 给某人提供住宿

451. put up with 忍受

452. quite a few 相当多, 不少

453. rain cats and dogs 瓢泼大雨

454. rather than 不是...(而是)

455. reach agreement 达成协议

456. reach an agreement 达成一致

457. regardless of 不顾, 不惜

458. relative to 与... 有关

459. remove from 从…除去

460. representative of 代表... 的

461. resign one's post 辞职

462. responsible for 负责, 是... 原因

463. result from 由于

464. rich in 富于

465. right away 立即, 马上

466. ring sb. up 打电话给…

467. rule out 排除…的可能性

468. run out of 用完

469. rush hours 上下班高峰

470. see: see to it that - make sure that 确保

471. sensible of 觉查到

472. sensitive to 对... 敏感

473. set another date 改期 make on saturday / lock it

474. set one's mind on doing 决定be determined to / have one's mind set on / be nt on

475. short of 缺少

476. show off 卖弄

477. sick of 厌恶, 厌倦

478. side by side 肩并肩, 一起

479. similar to 相似

480. skilled at /in善于

481. slip one's mind 忘记

482. so far 迄今为止

483. somewhere around 大约

484. sooner or later 迟早, 早晚

485. sore throat / foot


486. stay up late 熬夜

487. step by step 逐步地

488. subject to 受制于, 易于

489. such as 例如, 诸如

490. sufficient for 足够的

491. suitable for/to适合于

492. superior to 优于, 级别高于

493. sure of /about对... 有信心, 确信

494. suspicious of 怀疑

495. take a leave 请假

496. take a seat / be seated

497. take one's place 取代

498. take one's time 慢慢来

499. take sth. seriously 认真对待

500. take up 占据

501. thanks to 由于, 多亏

502. that is (to say) 就是说, 即

503. the reverse is also true 反之亦然

504. tired of 对... 不在感兴趣

505. to the point 切中要害, 切题

506. turn over 倾覆

507. typical of 是典型的, 特有的

508. uncertain of /about不确知

509. under control 处于控制之下

510. under the circumstances 这种情况下 511. up in the air 没有确定

512. up to date 在进行中

513. up to 多达; 直到; 胜任; 取决于 514. vital to 对... 关系重大

515. void of 没有, 缺乏

516. what about 怎么样

517. what if 切合目前情况的

518. what's up / new? 发生了什么事? 519. with regard to 关于, 至于

520. with respect to 如果... 将怎么样 521. with the exception of 除... 之外 522. without any trace 没有踪迹 523. without fail 一向如此

524. without question 毫无疑问 525. wolf down 狼吞虎咽

526. word for word 逐字的


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